On the Use of the Army in Suppressing Protests in Armenia in March 2008

While Armenia’s second President Robert Kocharyan’s trial continues, Sossi Tatikyan writes about the need to amend relevant provisions of the Constitution to delineate the distinct responsibilities of the army and internal security forces, and to ensure checks and balances when declaring a state of emergency.

Corruption Risks in Armenia’s Mining Sector

Serious issues in the country’s mining sector is something this new government inherited from the former regime. Artur Grigoryan argues, however, that enough steps have not been taken to eradicate or even curb corruption in the sector.

An Unfinished Revolution

During an hour-long speech in Stepanakert, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan set out his government’s strategic goals for 2050. However, 24 hours earlier, he disclosed that a secret document from the previous regime had confirmed the country was in a state of institutional collapse.

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