EVN Kitchen Report: Beyond the Recipe is more than a cooking show. It's about a way of life, from the farmers who work the land to those who prepare meals for their families. During each episode, Lucy Vartevanian with her unique style and passion for food, cooks up a storm in her kitchen in Nor Geghi while highlighting some of the social and economic issues in the country. 


Kitchen Report: Farmer's Market

In this episode of Kitchen Report: Beyond the Recipe, Lucy Vartevanian visits the weekend farmer's market in Yerevan, talks shop with the farmers, compares prices and quality, comes across unexpected produce and manages to make a healthy smoothie.

Ep.3: Kitchen Report: Sour Cherry

In this episode of Kitchen Report:Beyond the Recipe, Lucy Vartevanian prepares her version of homemade sugar-free sour cherry juice otherwise known in Armenia as "bal" juice. Lucy also shows us a special way of drinking it - on ice with vodka.

Ep.2: Kitchen Report:Tomatos/Tomatoes

In this episode of Kitchen Report: Beyond the Recipe, Lucy Vartevanian preserves tomatoes for the winter months. Find out what goes into packing those shelves with preserves, why many people in Armenia and the region go through the trouble and what could possibly go wrong in the process.

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30,000 Software Engineers in Armenia by 2025

The favorable IT climate in Armenia is the reason for the recent software boom.There are more than 450 IT companies, which are employing more than 10 thousand software developers and engineers. Around two thirds of Armenian IT output is exported to over 20 countries. So what is standing between Armenia and its dream of building a "Silicon Mountain"?

Making Armenia’s Economy Competitive, One Company at a Time

The engine to a developed economy is the competitiveness of local businesses, because they are the building blocks of the economy and the country’s development. It is time for Armenia’s economy to advance to the next level of efficiency and each company has a unique role to play in this regard, writes Sona Grigoryan.

Mindset of Armenian Startups: The Dos and the Don’ts

The emerging startup ecosystem in Armenia is very vibrant but faces many challenges. Tech expert and startup enthusiast, Artashes Vardanyan takes a critical look at the existing beliefs in the startup sector that need to be readjusted to ensure future success.

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