EVN Kitchen Report: Beyond the Recipe is more than a cooking show. It's about a way of life, from the farmers who work the land to those who prepare meals for their families. During each episode, Lucy Vartevanian with her unique style and passion for food, cooks up a storm in her kitchen in Nor Geghi while highlighting some of the social and economic issues in the country. 


Ep. 5: Kitchen Report: Armenian New Year

In this final episode for 2017, Lucy Vartevanian of EVN Kitchen Report prepares a simple dish for her New Year's table she calls "Anoush Abour."

Ep.4: Kitchen Report: Farmer's Market

In this episode of Kitchen Report: Beyond the Recipe, Lucy Vartevanian visits the weekend farmer's market in Yerevan, talks shop with the farmers, compares prices and quality, comes across unexpected produce and manages to make a healthy smoothie.

Ep.3: Kitchen Report: Sour Cherry

In this episode of Kitchen Report:Beyond the Recipe, Lucy Vartevanian prepares her version of homemade sugar-free sour cherry juice otherwise known in Armenia as "bal" juice. Lucy also shows us a special way of drinking it - on ice with vodka.

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