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Following the Velvet Revolution, which led to the resignation of Armenia’s Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan on April 23, there had been numerous calls for the resignation of Yerevan Mayor, Taron Margaryan as well. It was under public pressure that on July 9, without giving any specific reasons, Margaryan, a member of the Republican Party resigned after holding the post of mayor since 2011. The election of a new mayor failed after city council was not able to secure a quorum on July 16; the Republican Party and Yelk Bloc members did not show up for the vote, effectively paving the way for pre-term local elections

According to the law, if Yerevan City Council fails to elect a new mayor within two weeks following the resignation of the incumbent mayor, the Armenian government can dissolve the council and hold snap elections.

Article 128.4 of the RA Electoral Code states that in case of extraordinary elections of the Council of Elders (City Council), documents for the registration of electoral lists of political parties and alliances must be submitted to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) no later than 25 days before Election Day.

Twelve political forces (eight parties and four alliances) submitted the necessary documents required to participate in Yerevan Municipal Council Elections.

N 1- Prosperous Armenia Party

N 2- Yerevan Community” Alliance

N 3- “Yerevantsi” Alliance

N 4- Yerkir Tsirani

N 5- Heritage Party

N 6- Democratic Way Party

N 7- “My Step” Party Alliance

N 8- “Luys” Alliance

N 9- Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party (ARF)

N 10- Hayq Party

N 11- Reformists Party

N 12- Orinats Yerkir Party

Reformists Party: “Green Yerevan”

Artak Avetyan, 42, is the mayoral candidate of the Reformists Party, which submitted a list of 29 candidates. Avetyan is a designer and director, who currently works at Shoghakat Studio. He graduated from the directing department of the Russian Drama Theater at the Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinematography. Avetyan is the author of several TV programs, documentaries, and feature films. Some of his prominent works include “John’s Gospel,” which he shot at the request of the Government of Armenia and “Seven Songs about Armenia” film series made for a German TV channel. He does not belong to any political party and is married with two children. The leading 10 candidates of the party are:


1- Artak Avetyan

2- Levon Safaryan

3- Karen Vardanyan

4- Lilit Hovakimyan

5- Arman Avagyan

6- Vahagn Hakobyan

7- Gayane Ghulyan

8- Lianna Poghosyan

9- Anahit Vardananc

10- Astghik Grigoryan

The Race

The Council of Elders is comprised of 65 members and is elected for a four-year term with the power to address the problems impacting the lives of residents of Yerevan. Overall, 996 candidates will enter the municipal race; official campaigning kicks off on September 10. The Central Electoral Commission of Armenia has already confirmed that 475 precinct election commissions overseeing the Yerevan Municipal Council Election on September 23 will have presidents and secretaries from the following political parties:

- Republican Party of Armenia (262 precincts);

- Tsarukyan Alliance (140 precincts);

- Yelq Alliance (41 precincts);

- Armenian Revolutionary Federation (32 precincts).

Heritage Party: “Smile”

Raffi Hovhannisyan, 59, is the mayoral candidate of the Heritage Party, which submitted a list of 49 candidates. Hovhannisyan graduated from the faculty of political science from the University of California, Berkeley and has a Master’s degree from the Fletcher School of International Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University where he also taught Armenian History. He also received a Jurisprudence (J.D.) degree from Georgetown University Law Center. Hovhannisyan was the first Minister of Foreign Affairs of the third Republic (1991-1992) and was elected as a Member of Parliament in 2007 by the proportional list of the Heritage Party founded and headed by him. Since 1993, Hovhannisyan has been heading the Armenian Center for National and International Studies (ACNIS). He is the author of several monographs and articles published in Armenian, American, European, Russian, and Middle Eastern periodicals. Hovhannisyan is married with five children. The leading 10 candidates of the party are: 

1- Raffi Hovhannisyan (Member of the Board of Directors of the Heritage Party, Founder of ACNIS Foundation)

2- Armen Martirosyan (Associate Professor, Wrestling Department of the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences)

3- Hovsep Khurshudyan (President, “Free Citizen” NGO)

4- Seda Aghbalyan (Co-founder, “Aghbalyan Family” LLC)

5- Rshtun Martirosyan (Lecturer, Gavar State University)

6- Gevorg Ghahramanyan (Spokesperson, “Heritage” party)

7- Filip Arzumanyan (Director, Arz Holding LLC, Board member of Heritage)

8- Gayane Abasyan (Hairdresser)

9- Vardan Tunyan (Researcher, Karen Demirchyan Museum, President of the National Center for Initiatives NGO)

10- Avetis Avetisyan (Unemployed)

Republicans Sit Out

Following the resignation of Taron Margaryan, the Republican Party of Armenia announced it would not participate in the city elections, garnering mixed reactions from party members. 

MP Galust Sahakyan noted that even if a Republican candidate won, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his allies would not tolerate it. While spokesperson of the party, Eduard Sharmazanov disagreed with the party’s decision stressing that every political force, regardless of circumstances, must actively participate in all elections.

Prosperous Armenia Party: “My Yerevan, a City to Live In” 

Naira Zohrabyan, 53, is the leading candidate of the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP), which will enter the Mayoral race with a list of 195 candidates. She graduated from the faculty of theatre studies of the Yerevan State Institute of Fine Arts and Theater, and completed a two-year course in international journalism. Zohrabyan worked as a journalist at several periodicals, including “Ar,” “Aravot,” “Hayq,” and “Hayots Ashkharh.” She also worked as a political commentator at “The Armenian Times.” From 2007-2017 Zohrabyan was a member of the National Assembly, under the proportional list of PAP, while in 2017 she was elected as MP by the national electoral list of the “Tsarukyan” Party Alliance. She is a member of the Prosperous Armenia Party and a widow with one daughter. The leading 10 candidates of the party are:

1- Naira Zohrabyan (Member of Parliament of RA)

2- Petros Ghazaryan (Journalist, Kentron TV)

3- Arman Abovyan (Adviser to the Ambassador of Armenia to Ukraine)

4- Miqayel Manrikyan (Professor, Yerevan State Medical University)

5- Armen Nersisyan (President, “Solidarity” NGO)

6- Nazik Avdalyan (Unemployed)

7- Markos Harutyunyan (Director, “Tam-Sam” LLC)

8- Armenak Ayvazyan (Assistant RA Member Parliament) 

9- Jivan Poghosyan (Director, “Tibet” LLC)

10- Hripsime Arakelyan (Director, State Chamber Musical Theatre)

Criminalizing Electoral Fraud


Ahead of the September 23 election, in the second and final reading the Armenian Parliament unanimously ratified a bill criminalizing electoral fraud. The amendments to Armenia’s Criminal Code make electoral fraud punishable by imprisonment whereas before, individuals charged with vote buying or selling were simply fined. The former ruling Republican party was oftentimes criticized by international organizations, media, as well as opponents for relying on this practice for years. It is expected that the bill will significantly improve the way elections are conducted in Armenia.  

Armenian Revolutionary Federation: “Together, for Yerevan” 

Miqayel Manukyan, 51, is the leading nominee of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), which submitted a list of 77 candidates. Currently, Manukyan is the Chairman of the State Forest Committee of the Ministry of Nature Protection. Manukyan graduated from the faculty of history and law of Vanadzor State Pedagogical Institute named after Hovhannes Tumanyan. He was elected to Armenia’s Parliament in 2007 and 2014 by the proportional list of the ARF. He is a member of the ARF and is married with three children. The leading 10 candidates of the party are: 

1- Miqayel Manukyan (Chairman, State Forest Committee of the Ministry of Nature Protection)

2- Davit Hakobyan (Director, “Husaber” CSJC)

3- Khachatur Stepanyan (Doctor of Historical Studies at the K. Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University, ARF Yerevan City Committee representative)

4- Alesya Bejanyan (PR officer, Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Center)

5- Hovhannes Vardanyan (Head of Arabkir administrative district of Yerevan)

6- Levon Grigoryan (Director, Grigor Narekatsi Medical Center)

7- Mher Sahakyan (Head of Economic, Informational and Analytical Division of the National Center for Technical Security SNCO)

8- Gayane Yeghiazaryan (Founding Director, London Eye ITC)

9- Paruyr Santrosyan (Director, Yerevan Regional State College N 1

10- Sasun Aghayan (Deputy Director, “Hayantar” SNCO)

How is the Mayor Elected?


Article 44 of the RA Law "On local self-government in the city of Yerevan," states that the election of the mayor will be held during the first session of the newly elected Council of Elders. If one of the parties, participating in the elections, receives more than 50 percent of the seats in the Council, then by law the top candidate of that party is considered to be the elected mayor. If the leading candidate of that party does not comply with the requirements of being a mayor, refuses, or if no party gets more than 50 percent of the seats in the Council, then the mayor is elected through a secret ballot.

If more than one candidate is nominated, then the one who receives the majority of votes is elected as mayor. If none of the nominated candidates receive the support of the majority, then a second round of voting is held between the two candidates who have received the highest number of votes. If it is impossible to identify the top two candidates with the highest number of votes, then those with the same number of votes will also participate in the second round.

In the second round, the candidate who receives the highest number of votes is elected as mayor. If candidates receive equal number of votes then an additional voting shall be conducted. In the case of equal number of votes, the priority is given to the elder one. 


Orinats Yerkir Party: “It Is Us and Our Yerevan”

Mher Shahgeldyan, 51, is the top candidate of Orinats Yerkir Party, which will participate in the elections with a list of 115 candidates. He studied philosophy and sociology at Yerevan State University (YSU) and completed special courses on Public Policy and Management at the American University of Armenia. Since 2002, Shahgeldyan was elected to Armenia’s National Assembly several times by the proportional list of Orinats Yerkir. In 2008, he was appointed as the Minister of Emergency Situations. Shahgeldyan is the author of several scientific papers and articles, and is the supervisor of YSU Master's program “National Security.” He is the vice-president of Orinats Yerkir Party and is married with two children. The leading 10 candidates of the party are:  


1- Mher Shahgeldyan (Rector, Academy of the EAEU and CSTO)

2- Hovhannes Hovhannisyan (French College Foundation in Armenia)

3- Vahe Torosyan (European University)

4- Marine Kocharyan (Primary school number 186, Yerevan)

5- Rafik Avetisyan (Condominium of Nor-Nork administrative district)

6- Zohrab Saroyan (Civic activities)

7- Vahan Arakelyan (European College in Armenia)

8- Liana Manukyan (Academy of the EAEU and CSTO)

9- Arayik Gevorgyan (Civic activities)

10- Aleksey Nersisyan (Civic activities)


The Powers of the Mayor

Article 52 of the same law gives a general description of the responsibilities that the elected mayor has. Some of the important ones include:

- organize the work of the Council, implement the decisions of the Council, and carry out the general management of the City Hall staff;

- within his/her jurisdiction take measures to protect the rights and freedoms of residents;

- appoint and dismiss the Secretary of the City Hall staff, heads of structural and separate subdivisions in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law;

- appoint and dismiss the heads of the administrative districts, supervise their activities to make sure that they properly exercise their powers;

- appoint and dismiss the heads of city organizations, determine the structure and number of employees of the subordinate organizations;

- provide annual reports to the public about the Council’s an well as his/her activities and the overall socio-economic situation in Yerevan (the reports are posted on the official website of Yerevan);

- resolve the issue of holding rallies in Yerevan in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law;

- delegate some of mayor’s powers to heads of administrative districts to effectively implement local self-governance in Yerevan (except for powers exercised in relations with the Council of Elders), etc.

Yerkir Tsirani: “Justice and Law” 

Zaruhi Postanjyan, 46, is the leading nominee of the Yerkir Tsirani Party, which submitted a list of 56 candidates. She is a graduate of Yerevan "MYUD" Law Institute, and is a member of the Chamber of Advocates of Armenia. Postanjyan was the host of the “Advocate” TV program, which was broadcast by Prometheus and Yerkir Media Channels. Since 2007, she was twice elected a deputy of the National Assembly from the proportional electoral list of the Heritage party. Currently, Postanjyan is a member of Yerevan Council of Elders and during the previous municipal elections won 7.5 percent of votes. Postanjyan is the founder of Yerkir Tsirani Party and is married with four children. The leading 10 candidates of the party are:

1- Zaruhi Postanjyan (Lawyer)

2- Henrik Qarimyan (Lawyer)

3- Ara Pahlevanyan (Architect)

4- Aram Yenoqyan (Linguist)

5- Silva Vardanyan (Chemist)

6- Marina Krimlyan (Teacher)

7- Lilit Qlungyan (Teacher)

8- Samvel Movsisyan (Architect)

9- Gurgen Nersesyan (Linguist, lawyer)

10- Hayk Aramyan (Head Specialist, Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia)

Democratic Way Party:  

Manuel Gasparyan is the founder and leading nominee of the Democratic Way Party, which will participate in the elections with a list of 33 candidates. No personal information about Gasparyan is available online. According to the files submitted by the party, Gasparyan is currently unemployed. The leading 10 candidates of the party are:

1- Manuel Gasparyan (Unemployed)

2- Artak Lalayan (Entrepreneur)

3- Yelena Danielyan (Cashier at “Atenk” LLC)

4- Gor Makaryan (Entrepreneur)

5- Arshavir Sharyan (Unemployed)

6- Karen Gomkcyan (Unemployed)

7- Robert Samvelyan (Entrepreneur)

8- Maria Nadiryan (Specialist, Cascade Energoprogress  CJSC)

9- Vahagn Gevorgyan (Third Class Specialist, “Ardshinbank” CJSC)

10- Aleqsandr Gasparyan (Unemployed)

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Hayq Party:  

Engineer Gevorg Hovsepyan is the leading nominee of the Hayq Party, which consists of 60 candidates. No personal information about Hovsepyan is available online. The nominee is also the President of a nationalist-religious party (Nzhdehakan Tseghakron Party)and author of several books. The leading 10 candidates of the party are:

1- Gevorg Hovsepyan (President of the Nationalist-religious party)

2- Hrachya Sargsyan (Chief Engineer, National Academy of Sciences)

3- Miqayel Qacakhyan (Head, Youth Union of Hayq party)

4- Arpine Sahakyan (Chief Specialist, International Economic Integration Department of the Prime Minister's Office)

5- Hakob Simonyan (Deputy Director, Scientific-Research Center for Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture)

6- Khachatur Srabyan (Manager, “Arteqs” LLC)

7- Gagik Hovsepyan (Director, “White King” Chess Club NGO)

8- Liana Bangoyan (General and Human Resources Manager, Anania Shirakatsi  University of International Relations)

9- Davit Arushanyan (Vice-rector and legal counsel at Yerevan University of Management)

10- Hovhannes Mambreyan (Meteorologist - Engineer at the Gas Supply Branch of Gazprom Armenia CJSC)

My Step Party Alliance: “Take a Step” 

Hayk Marutyan, 42, is leading the list of “My Step” Party Alliance which includes the Civil Contract and Araqelutyun Parties, as well as individuals who took part in the Velvet Revolution. The list consists of 170 candidates. Marutyan graduated from Yerevan State Engineering University but is known to the public as an actor and producer. From 1996-2002, he worked at “Sharm” Company as screenwriter, director, and actor. In 2002, together with a group friends, he founded “Kargin Studio” where he now works as an actor, screenwriter, filmmaker and producer. He is known to the public from his roles in “Kargin TV Series,” “Kargin Program,” “No Comment,” “7.5,” and “Mer Baky”/”Our Yard.” Marutyan has actively participated in almost all the major protests in recent years, including the Velvet Revolution. In the summer of 2018, Marutyan joined Civil Contract Party. He is married with two children. The leading 10 candidates of the party are:

1- Hayk Marutyan (Producer, actor)

2- Srbuhi Ghazaryan (Adviser to the Prime Minister of RA)

3- Sergey Sargsyan (Associate Professor, Yerevan State Medical University, Head of the Institute of Child and Adolescent Health, Arabkir Medical Center)

4- Trdat Sargsyan (Manager of University Condominium)

5- Mesrop Papikyan (Office Manager, Civil Contract Return Fund)

6- Lusine Badalyan (Broadcaster, Radio Van)

7- Vahagn Hovakimyan (Expert of “Yelq” Alliance in Parliament)

8- Suren Eyramjyan (Director, ESI Tech LLC)

9- Isabella Abgaryan (Unemployed)

10- Hrachya Sargsyan (Head of Consumer and Mortgage Lending and Risk Management Division, Ardshinbank CJSC)

How is the Budget of Yerevan Formed?

The budget of Yerevan is a one-year financial plan, which is formed from multiple sources and is intended for the implementation of the Yerevan Development Program as well as the exercise of the Mayor’s and Council’s powers prescribed by law. Some of the major sources include:

- land tax for the land located in the administrative territory of Yerevan;

- property tax for the property located in the administrative territory of Yerevan;

- contributions from the income and profit taxes levied in the territory of Yerevan;

- contributions from environmental charges;

- fees for rent and issuing construction licenses for land located in Yerevan, as well as rent and construction fees for land owned by the state and located in the administrative territory of Yerevan, the management of which is handed over to the mayor of Yerevan;

- fines and penalties levied from taxpayers for violating the tax legislation, land and property tax payments to Yerevan budget in particular;

- state duty for services provided by notary offices, which include providing copies of notarized documents, preparing drafts and applications by these bodies, copying of documents and providing extracts from them;

- fees charged for the services provided by the Municipality;

- allocations from the state budget to implement the powers delegated to the mayor by the state, etc.

Luys Alliance: “Yerevan City of Light” 


Artak Zeynalyan, 49, is the mayoral candidate of Luys Alliance which includes Bright Armenia and Republic Parties, with a list of 112 candidates. He was elected to Armenia’s parliament in 2017 on the Yelk Bloc ticket, representing the Republic Party. Zeynalyan graduated from Yerevan State Medical University and did his residency at the National Institute of Health in 1999. He later studied at the Academy of Management and in 2006 graduated from the Law Faculty of the Gladzor Management University. From 1998-2001, he served as Armenia’s Deputy Minister of Health, he has headed the Committees for Humanitarian Aid adjunct to the Government of Armenia: the Republican Committee on Health and the Republican Committee for the reassessment of medical supplies received by humanitarian means. For many years, Zeynalyan was a human rights defender: member of the Human Rights NGO Tanik (Roof), member of the “Public Council for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms,” member of the Human Rights NGO Lawyers Against Torture, Chairman-founder of the Human Rights NGO “Rule of Law.”  He is a founding member of the Yerkrapah Union of Volunteers and a founding member of the Republic Party. He has been awarded the Medal of Courage and awarded the title of “Human Rights Defender of the Year” by the US Embassy in Armenia. Zeynalyan volunteered in the Artsakh Liberation War with the Nikol Duman Yegrapah division. He was wounded in 1992 and lost a leg. He’s married with four children and one grandchild. The top 10 candidates of the alliance are:  

1- Artak Zeynalyan (Minister of Justice of RA)

2- Davit Khazhakyan (Head of the Yelq faction in the current Yerevan City Council)

3- Ani Khachatryan (Yerevan City Council Member)

4- Ani Samsonyan (Yerevan City Council Member)

5- Tehmina Vardanyan (Yerevan City Council Member)

6- Anahit Bakhshyan (Yerevan City Council Member)

7- Harutyun Babayan (Yerevan City Council Member)

8- Tigran Ter-Margaryan (Yerevan City Council Member)

9- Vardan Marashlyan (Director, Repat Armenia Foundation)

10- Andranik Hakobyan (President, Armenia's Kyokushin Karate Federation)

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Yerevantsi Alliance:

Ararat Zurabyan, 55, heads up the list of the “Yerevantsi” Alliance, which is formed by the Armenian National Movement and Armenian Homeland Parties, and has 53 candidates. Zurabyan graduated from the faculty of economics of Yerevan Agricultural Institute. From 1994-1995 he was the Deputy Commander of Armenian Internal Troops, director of “Haymamul” agency from 1995-1996, and was elected as the head of Kentron Administrative District in 1996 and 1999. He also participated in the Artsakh Liberation War and is one of the founding members of the Spandaryan Volunteer Squad. Since 2013, Zurabyan is the president of the Armenian National Movement Party. In 2017, Zurabyan was elected as a Member of Parliament from the national electoral list of the “Tsarukyan” party alliance. He is married with two children. The top 10 candidates of the alliance are: 

1- Ararat Zurabyan (Member of Parliament of RA)

2- Davit Arakelyan (Unemployed)

3- Gagik Gyanjumyan (Unemployed)

4- Anahit Eghoyan (President, “Hay” NGO)

5- Aghvan Grigoryan (Unemployed)

6- Ruben Asatryan (Unemployed)

7- Armen Levonyan (Unemployed)

8- Tsovinar Samsonyan (Civilian Registrar’s Office, Kentron Department)

9- Artem Hakobyan (Senior Office Manager, OMD LLC)

10- Armine Revazyan (Unemployed) 

Yerevan Community Alliance: “For the Benefit of Our Native City” 

Anahit Tarkhanyan, 59, is the mayoral candidate of “Yerevan Community” Alliance, which consists of the GALA Party and the Green Party of Armenia, and has 47 candidates. She graduated from the faculty of architecture of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, and has a Masters of Business Administration from the American University of Armenia. She also completed training courses offered at the Department of Diplomacy and International Relations at the University of Leeds, UK. In 1994 she founded the first independent radio station in Armenia, Hay FM 105.5 Yerevan, which now is one of the most well-known radio stations in the country. In 1996 she established Radio Hay 104.1 Yerevan radio station, which since 2005 has been broadcast in the territory of Armenia and Artsakh. Tarkhanyan is the author of over 60 architectural projects, which include kindergartens, schools, medical centers, churches, banks, hotels, sports and cultural complexes, residential neighborhoods and buildings. She actively participated in all movements aimed at protecting the historical monuments of Old Yerevan, and is the founder of “Our City” NGO. Tarkhanyan does not belong to any political party. She is married to Andrias Ghukasyan and has three children. The top 10 candidates of the alliance are:

1- Anahit Tarkhanyan (Director, “Radia Hay” Ltd.)

2- Aram Grigoryan (President, Condominiums Development Association NGO)

3- Armen Hovhannisyan (Editor, “Radia Hay” Ltd.)

4- Ani Yeremyan (Armenian Association of Young Doctors NGO)

5- Ara Muradyan (Member of the Central Council at Armenian DOSAAF, Head of the Military-Patriotic and Personnel Department)

6- Argishti Apikyan (Aircraft Engineer, Zvartnots Airport)

7- Mariam Shahinyan (President, “Gallery of Arts” Cultural Foundation)

8- Silva Adamyan (President, Environmental Public Alliance NGO)

9- Mher Ghahramanyan (Director, “Citydesign” LLC)

10- Armine Davtyan (Lecturer, Gavar State University, Director, Ayb Ben Gim Development Center) 

The Powers of the Council of Elders

The Law "On local self-government in the city of Yerevan," states that the Council of Elders is elected by the procedure determined by the RA Electoral Code. Some of the most important responsibilities of the council include:

- elect the Mayor in cases and by the order prescribed by law "On local self-government in the city of Yerevan";

- take a decision on a vote of no confidence to the Mayor;

- decide the salary of the Mayor, his deputies, the staff of the Municipality, the heads of administrative districts, their deputies, and the staff members of administrative districts;

- decide the regulations, structure, and staff of the Municipality and the administrative districts in accordance with the Mayor’s presentation;

- take a decision on one or four-year programs of Yerevan development, long-term and special programs, securing of loans;

- set control over the budget implementation, is empowered to take decisions on the details of the purposeful use of the budget, to liquidate decisions of the Mayor taken on management of the budget means, to discuss and make decision on the annual report of the Mayor on the budget implementation;

- make decisions on the names of streets, avenues, squares, parks of Yerevan, educational, cultural and other organizations subordinated to Yerevan;

- take decisions on annual program of allocation and eminent domain of Yerevan-owned property (including participation in authorized capital stock of land or legal entity), on their fees and alienation prices and conditions; and in case of a public auction on starting prices; on the draft of the General Plan of Yerevan; on the drafts of zoning of separate areas of Yerevan in accordance with the General Plan of the city;

- determine the areas for urban development (in the form of maps), the streets, squares, gardens, as well as the conditions under which the urban development activities are implemented beyond the urban development areas but are of urban significance;

- take decisions on urban development regulations of Yerevan;

- by the Mayor’s suggestion take decision on awarding the title of the Honorary Citizen of Yerevan to the citizens of the RA or other countries, etc.

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