How Armenia Lost its Track Towards Sustainable Development

Ineffective governance and institutional corruption are among the factors preventing Armenia from getting on a track to sustainable development. Yeghia Tashjian writes that since politics is the determinant force of economic institutions, any positive change in political institutions will reflect positively on Armenia’s economic development.

Information Security or Cybersecurity? Armenia at a Juncture Again

As the world becomes increasingly connected, states are adopting national strategies to protect themselves against cybersecurity breaches. This article outlines the ongoing debate around the terms ‘information security’ and ‘cybersecurity’ and examines global developments, as well as, Armenia’s institutional and policy advancements.

The Future of Money (part 2 of 4)

This is a multi-part series on cryptocurrency and its ecosystem. The first part, “Feathers to Fiat” explored what money actually is and its development throughout history. This second installment of the series dives into the next step in the evolution of money--the invention of Bitcoin.

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