Covid-19 in Armenia: Making Sense of the Numbers, Part II

In this second part of Making Sense of the Numbers, Raffi Kassarjian, using a number of metrics, looks at the development of the virus and governments’ efforts to balance managing its progress with sustaining a minimum level of economic and social activity.

COVID-19 Update (July 22-25)

For the first time in weeks, the number of active COVID-19 cases dips below 10,000; Health Minister Arsen Torosyan meets with German medics who are in Armenia to work with local medical staff; temporary restrictions on movement have been imposed in the village of Haterk in Artsakh and more.

COVID-19 Update (July 17-18)

The Ministry of Health urges citizens to refrain from celebrating Vardavar; the Arabkir Medical Center which has been treating children infected with COVID-19 provides an update on the situation; Head of the National Immunization Program says vaccinations have decreased and more.

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