COVID-19 Update (May 29)

Armenia registers a new one-day record of 460 COVID-19 infections. As the situation continues to deteriorate, per capita figures have surpassed those of Iran and France and are now on par with those of Russia. Prime Minister Pashinyan said that if this pace continues, Armenia will soon reach per capita numbers similar to Italy’s.

COVID-19 Update (May 28)

Daily deaths hit a new high at 15. During a press briefing this evening, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said the situation is extremely grave and called on people to follow safety regulations as new cases continue to mount.

COVID-19 Update (May 27)

Strict monitoring underway throughout the country to ensure compliance with safety regulations; government approves nineteenth social assistance package to mitigate the fallout from COVID-19; Health Ministry says that hydroxychloroquine is being prescribed to high-risk patients and those with pneumonia infected by the virus.

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