Research Expert: Transitional Justice

Title: Research Expert in Transitional Justice

Project: Readers’ Forum: Strengthening and Promoting Civic Journalism in Armenia

Description: The Republic of Armenia, and more specifically, the Ministry of Justice, is in the midst of formulating a transitional justice agenda. The objective of this project is to research, develop, and formulate a White Paper (policy paper) on a transitional justice agenda that will be coordinated with the Ministry of Justice in finalizing a program for the Government. The scope of responsibilities will include conducting research on Armenia's legal and constitutional system, the political system, and the formulation of a transitional justice agenda that is commensurate with the legal and constitutional norms of the country, as well as its political climate.


This position welcomes applicants with expertise in the area of Transitional Justice, with the minimum requirements as followed:


1) PhD or equivalent academic standing;

2) demonstrable expertise in the area of transitional justice;

3) demonstration of expertise through publications, policy paper initiatives, or demonstration of forming transitional justice agenda;

4) knowledge of Armenia's legal and political system; and

5) demonstration of knowledge of Armenia's legal and political system.


The applicant must, at minimum, meet all five of the requirements to be considered for the position.


Duration: April 20, 2019 - June 20, 2019

Background information:

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The above-mentioned project is to create a space and a platform for readers to be co-creators of engaged, credible journalism and allow them to have a voice in driving policy development, to collaborate in bringing about a more informed public, and to engage in matters concerning society through EVN Report’s Readers’ Forum. The initiative will include developing well-researched policy papers that offer alternative and supplementary policy recommendations (White Papers) produced by experts in each respective sphere. These White Papers will be platformed through EVN Report's discussion forum to facilitate public engagement that includes the input of other experts, opinion makers, social activists, community leaders, EVN Reports' editors and journalists, and most importantly, our readers, who remain vital stakeholders. A broad range of coordination and consultation are undertaken with relevant government bodies by EVN Report’s editorial team to determine gaps in policy areas requiring immediate attention.

The research expert is expected to:

-Design research and methodology
-Assign tasks to research assistants, monitoring their research, provide mentoring
-Draft and submit White Paper to EVN Report’s Editorial Staff
-Publication of White Paper on Readers’ Forum
-Follow discussion and participate when/if necessary to the conversation
-Participate in public forum organized by project team

Objective of Assignment: Finalize and deliver a White Paper on foster care.

Deliverables: A White Paper that meets the policy expectations, the research design, and methodological rigor set forth in the project. Specificity of deadlines are contingent on the finalized contract agreement.


a) Established professional background (advanced degree and academic experience) in the specific field of expertise (sociology, economy); demonstration of expertise through examples of publications, research, or field work;
b) Demonstrated track record in being recognized as a policy expert;
c) Quality of writing sample submitted.

Duration of Assignment: The assignment will last for a maximum of two months; deadline specifications will be included in the contract.

Remuneration: Competitive

Payment Term:

1st payment within five days of signing the contract – 20% of contract value.

2nd payment within five days of submitting the White Paper and approval by Project Director – 80% of contract value.

Application Procedures:  Please send your CV to by April 10, 2019.




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