Research Expert: Healthcare

Recently, the Ministries of Health and Labor & Social Affairs signed a memorandum of understanding with Bari Mama NGO to work on preventing child abandonment at birth, in particular children with disabilities. The initiative has as its mission preventing the institutionalization of children and securing the right of children to live in a family.

Research Expert: Law on Volunteerism

The Republic of Armenia does not have a legal framework regulating volunteerism in the country. Many countries have adopted national legislation on volunteering. The necessity of a law entails recognizing the legal status of volunteers under labor, social welfare and tax laws.

Research Expert: Transitional Justice

Call for professionals to research, develop, and formulate a White Paper (policy paper) on transitional justice. The scope of responsibilities will include conducting research on Armenia's legal and constitutional system, the political system, and the formulation of a transitional justice agenda that is commensurate with the legal and constitutional norms of the country.

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