The Art of Anti-Corruption


What is the art of anti-corruption? A year-long campaign sought to raise awareness and educate people on the effects of corruption on Armenian society. Seventy-five artists from Armenia and around the world participated in a poster competition, the “Art of (anti) Corruption” organized by Impact Hub Yerevan and supported by the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia.

The exhibition was curated by artist Samvel Saghatelian and will run until November 19, at the AGBU Exhibition Hall in Yerevan. Of more than 70 submissions, 35 artists’ posters were selected to enter the final competition.

The central message was not only to raise awareness and educate society, but to begin changing the perception that corruption is simply an unavoidable way of life in Armenia. Co-founder and director of Impact Hub Yerevan Sara Anjargolian said: “As a medium for social change, poster art remains one of the most resonant items in the arsenal of a contemporary artist. We thank the 35 artists who had the courage and creativity to raise their voices against one of our nation's most enduring challenges.”

EVN Report is featuring a selection of the works on display. 


51 ani manoukian xozampop
52 ani manoukian xozampop

Ani Manukyan - PigSummery 

19 unmask it
20 corruption is close mouthed
21 power doesn t corrupt people

Klaas Verplanke - Unmask It* / Corruption is Close-Mouthed and Open Handed / Power Does Not Corrupt People - People Corrupt Power 

39 identify the one who is robbing you
40 corruption cannot be small

Arevik d'or - Know Who is Robbing You   /  Corruption Cannot Be Small 

34 corruption is not genetic
32 corruption is not genetic


Thenie Khachatourov - Corruption is Not Genetic 

30 it is all in your hands

Tenny Adamian - It is All in Your Hands 

12 մի անգամը բան չի փոխի

Hasmik Soghomonyan One Time Won't Change Anything 

screen shot 2017 10 09 at 7 55 06 pm
25 the fish is rotting from the head

 Shushanik Yesayan - The Fish Rots from the Head 

29 don t feed corruption

Tenny Adamian - Don't Feed Corruption*  

38 corruption kills

Mad eyes - Corruption Kills 

18 don t eat bribes

Dany Josué Vigil Avilés - Don't Eat Bribes  

screen shot 2017 10 09 at 7 55 06 pm
2 corruption is stealing from oneself
1 corruption ego

Ruben Malayan - Corruption = Ego  / Corruption is Stealing from Oneself 

7 destroying country
6 corruption kills

Aram Qarajayan - Corruption Kills / Destroying Country  

screen shot 2017 10 09 at 7 55 06 pm
screen shot 2017 10 09 at 7 55 06 pm
24 you can t swallow the bribe easily

Anahit Matshkalyan - The Bribe is Not Easy to Swallow 

i am corrupted 2 c m small
untitled 4 small

Samvel Saghatelyan - КАША (Russian) means "MESS" 
RA - Republic of Armenia, ԿԵՐ (Armenian) means "EAT" / I AM Corrupted by LOVE and SEX

14 you can t buy knowledge
13 dont sell your vote

 Hasmik Mkhchyan - Can't Buy Knowledge / Don't Sell Your Vote *

26 life in the border

Luiza Petrosyan - Life on the Border

* Winning posters

1. Tenny Adamian - Don't Feed Corruption
2. Hasmik Mkhchyan - Don't Sell Your Vote
3. Klaas Verplancke - Unmask It
4. Luiza Petrosyan - Life on the border (Corruption Kills)


46 unforgiven empty

Anna Saribekyan - Unforgivable  Empty

"There was supposed to be an anti- corruption poster here, the best in the competition, but the artist tried to bribe the jury." 

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