From Censorship to State Sponsorship: The Fate of Jazz in the Soviet Union and Armenia

Jazz and Armenia have a complicated history. From its early beginnings under Soviet rule to contemporary interpretations of jazz, the genre is part of the fabric of Armenian cultural life.

Zones of Entrapment: Yerevan’s 2800th Anniversary Park and the Tyranny of Taste-Fullness

In the context of autocratic, oligarchic or committedly neo-liberal regimes which continually propagate a coercive and incarcerating model of urban planning, the multiplication of such spaces as the 2800th Anniversary Park of Yerevan is organic, writes Vigen Galstyan.

The Day They Came For Her: The Story of a Refugee From Baku

Nora, a 94 year old refugee from Baku, Azerbaijan no longer wants to show her face to the world. Her forced exile following the pogroms against the Armenians 29 years ago has left her paranoid and yet as strange as it may sound, somehow hopeful.

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