Jivan Avetisyan: A Story of Survival, Destiny and Faith

Director Jivan Avetisyan of Tevanik and The Last Inhabitant talks about surviving the Spitak earthquake, the Karabakh War and the memories and experiences that have become the guiding force of his life and his films.

Armenian Women Pushing Boundaries in Film and Theatre

Women have been breaking stereotypes and crashing through glass ceilings, yet equity, diversity and inclusivity have not yet been fully realized. Armenian women in the film industry are beginning to change the narrative.

From the Forgotten Pages of History: Countess Mariam Tumanyan

Mariam Tumanyan was a member of Tbilisi’s Armenian elite at the end of the 19th and turn of the 20th centuries. Her patronage of Armenian intellectuals and then her care of orphans from the Armenian Genocide have largely been forgotten. Here are some excerpts from her memoirs.

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