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We are a group of committed journalists, writers and analysts based in Yerevan, the Diaspora and beyond. We aim to bring a new and exciting narrative to the events shaping our lives in Armenia, the region, and throughout the world.

EVN Report is an independent, non-profit online weekly magazine. We offer a mix of reporting, analysis and commentary on politics, economy, culture, tech and innovation, the arts, as well as compelling narratives, podcasts and multimedia storytelling.


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Ethan Zuckerman, Director, Center for Civic Media, MIT

Paul ChaderjianSenior Producer, Al Jazeera

Dawn MacKeen, Author and Journalist

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Sara Anjargolian, Co-founder, Impact Hub Yerevan

Vahram Ter-Matevosyan, Historian

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EVN Report welcomes unsolicited article submissions and queries. Please submit pitches no longer than 250 words via email to editorial@evnreport.com and write “Article Submission” in the subject line. The decision to run an article is made by EVN Report’s Editorial Board, therefore submissions received in any other manner will not be considered.

What we are looking for:

Our readers want insightful, well-researched pieces that include original data and rigorous analysis. We ask our contributors to cite their sources and provide links whenever possible. We welcome opinion pieces and essays that can bring objectivity to the discourse without generalizations and loose use of facts. Our objective and mission is to provoke critical discourse. 

Article lengths can vary from 800 to a maximum of 2000 words and we accept only original pieces.

If you have an idea for an article and think it fits in with our mission, write to us with your pitch! 

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Velvet Revolution: The Moments In-Between

In 2018, the Armenian people were swept up in a nationwide movement that would come to be known as the Velvet Revolution. Photojournalist Eric Grigorian took thousands of photos, documenting and capturing images of ordinary people who came together to achieve the extraordinary. Through his own words, Grigorian tells the story of the revolution and the moments in-between.


Portraits of Memory: Gyumri


This year marks not only the 30th anniversary of the earthquake, but also the 30th anniversary of the start of the Karabakh Movement. Before the Velvet Revolution, EVN Report traveled to Gyumri to talk to the people there about their memories, concerns and dreams for the future. These are the voices of the participants of the 1988 Movement from Gyumri.




Introspective Armenia: Portraits of Memory

Dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of the Karabakh Movement


The 1988 Karabakh Movement brought about a period of intense and sweeping changes and the people of Armenia were leading the charge. 




Ինտրոսպեկտիվ Հայաստան. Հիշողության դիմանկարներ

Նվիրվում է Ղարաբաղյան շարժման 30-ամյակին

1988-ին սկասած Ղարաբաղյան Շարժումը ինտենսիվ և վիթխարի փոփոխությունների ժամանակաշրջան էր, որն առաջնորդում էր հայ ժողովուրդը: 

When we launched EVN Report on March 16, 2017 in Yerevan, our mission was to be the first reader-supported Armenian publication. But we had to prove to you, our reader, what we were made of. So, for the past year we have written extensively and critically about issues impacting our lives in Armenia and the Diaspora. Our goal was to elevate the conversation, to bring meaning and context to our own unique digital town square. We have also been a platform where the world can take a peek inside our complexities, hardships, accomplishments and victories. If you read something that meant something on EVN Report, then we are asking you to support us so that we maintain our independence and are accountable to you.

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