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When More is Less: Love and Cement in Revolutionary Yerevan

Christopher Atamian reviews “The Structure is Rotten, Comrade,” a new graphic novel by Viken Berberian and Yann Kebbi.

Feministivals: Purity Through Parity

This year, more than 60 percent of submissions to the Golden Apricot Film Festival (GAIFF) feature women directors, while the global average of female directors is a dismal 7 percent. GAIFF has organically found itself in a situation many European film festivals and international organizations dream of being in, writes Karen Avetisyan.


Musical Dilijan: The Cultural Hub of Soviet Armenia

The resort town of Dilijan in Armenia is known for its lush mountainous landscapes. It is also home to the Composers’ Union Resort, a place that hosted world famous composers in the 1960s and became a cultural hub in the former Soviet Union.

From Censorship to State Sponsorship: The Fate of Jazz in the Soviet Union and Armenia

Jazz and Armenia have a complicated history. From its early beginnings under Soviet rule to contemporary interpretations of jazz, the genre is part of the fabric of Armenian cultural life.

Astrophysicist Garik Israelian on Starmus, the Music of Stars and Gravitational Waves

Dr. Garik Israelian led the international collaboration that provided the first observational evidence that supernova explosions are responsible for the formation of black holes.

Music and War: Survival, Rebirth and Resilience in Artsakh

In the face of war and turmoil, music has remained one of Artsakh’s most cherished aspects of their culture. Tradition and new influences are what keep the music alive.

Urban Spaces  

Zones of Entrapment: Yerevan’s 2800th Anniversary Park and the Tyranny of Taste-Fullness

In the context of autocratic, oligarchic or committedly neo-liberal regimes which continually propagate a coercive and incarcerating model of urban planning, the multiplication of such spaces as the 2800th Anniversary Park of Yerevan is organic, writes Vigen Galstyan.

Notre Heritage? The Uncomfortable Truths of Cultural Legacy in Peril

The fire that severely damaged the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris highlighted how indispensable art is for humanity and exposed the fragility of all cultural legacy. It also indicated the profoundly unbalanced ways through which the global community has come to evaluate the intellectual production of different cultures and nations.


alin podcast

  Singer/songwriter Alin Demirdjian came to Armenia from Argentina with a mission - to record one song in each province, including the provinces of Artsakh. Alin speaks to EVN Report about her journey.

hasmik movsisian podcast

  Hasmik Movsisian had the idea to create an online space that would bring together Armenian musicians and musicians who perform Armenian music or play traditional Armenian instruments. However, the initiative soon grew out of its original concept and now Music of Armenia has gone from organizing festivals, to becoming a production company to joining UNESCO’s International Music Council.

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World renowned violinist Sergey Khachatryan and his spouse Angela Garcia Lopez talk to EVN Report about their shared passion for music and Armenia, the need for a change in mentality, education, work ethic and much more.

lebanese civil war06

Broadcast journalist Paul Chaderjian talks about his new novel "Letters to Barbra," which chronicles the story of a young boy living in Beirut during the civil war while touching upon universal themes of identity, belonging, trauma and finding one's voice. 

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