A New Governance Framework for Democratic and Sustainable Transition in the Agricultural Sector

This article takes a critical view of current developments in the agricultural sector focusing on political actors responsible for democratic governance and sustainable transition in Armenia’s food systems.


Desperately Seeking a More Comfortable Ride

With car imports to Armenia doubling over the past year and a poorly organized public transportation network, there is permanent gridlock in the streets of the country’s capital. Yerevan’s municipality hopes to change all that.

urban development

On Urbanization in Armenia: From “City-Building” to Urban Planning

Development projects are popping up haphazardly in Armenia. Many of them pursued for short-term economic goal under the pretext of development. Without a holistic vision for growth in the country, consequences of decisions taken today will be irreversible for generations to come.


Aligning Communication, Policy and Finance: Where Are We on the Road to a Knowledge Economy?

State budget allocations for education, science and research domains are particularly important, writes Samson Avetian. As labor force quality is one of the main drivers of productivity growth, this variable is critical for Armenia to flourish.

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Volunteering in Armenia: Key Issues And Challenges

This policy analysis aims to explore the main reasons people volunteer, how volunteer work is regulated and the key issues the volunteering sector faces in the Republic of Armenia.

Future Prospects for Foster Care for Children with Disabilities in Armenia

A child’s right to family life is enshrined in Armenian and international legal documents and considered a priority in Armenia’s 2017-2021 Strategic Plan on the Protection of the Rights of the Child. Here is EVN Report's White Paper about specialized foster care for children with disabilities.

Transitional Justice Agenda for the Republic of Armenia

Should Armenia implement the tools of transitional justice? This White Paper, developed by Dr. Nerses Kopalyan is a comprehensive transitional justice agenda for the Republic of Armenia.

Primer: Volunteering in Armenia, Key Issues and Challenges

Why do people volunteer, how is volunteer work regulated and what are the key issues the volunteering sector faces in the Republic of Armenia? This is a primer of EVN Report’s White Paper, “Volunteering in Armenia: Key Issues and Challenges.”

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