Amulsar: Gold Over Water?

The Amulsar gold mine, owned and operated by Lydian Armenia, is one of the most controversial projects in recent years in Armenia. Over the past weekend, activists from Yerevan and elsewhere traveled to the province of Vayots Dzor to raise awareness about the potential danger the mine poses to the environment.


Lilit Makunts: From Civic to Political to Cultural Engagement

It was in her sophomore year at university that Lilit Makunts realized that fighting for justice wasn’t simply a slogan. From her first involvement in a civic initiative to her foray into politics, Makunts has been ‘present’ all along, although perhaps slightly under the public radar. That is, until she was appointed as Armenia’s Minister of Culture on May 12.

education and history

Is the Study of the Middle Ages Possible in Turkey Today?

The essay attempts to offer several historical and pedagogical responses to the genocide of the Armenian people by suggesting a program on the study of the Middle Ages of Turkey, one that would entail the study of the three mediaeval epic tales that were forged during the Middle Ages on Anatolian soil.


Political Economy and Discontents

Dr. Donald Fuller writes that there is an observable pattern that small state characteristics differ from larger states, particularly those that are not afflicted by the ‘resource curse.’ Institutions appear to be critical, trade can burnish the lack of natural resources and human capital offers a level of comparative advantage if carefully nurtured.

EVN: A space for critical discourse and new narratives. 

From an unauthorized Russian military drill, to more corruption scandals, to famous vlogger Nas Daily in Armenia, it was another interesting news cycle this week and you can learn more about it in our The Week in Review segment.  

Zoologist Karen Aghababyan talks to EVN Report about the rich diversity of bird species in Armenia, the potential for birdwatching tourism and how the transformation of habitats are affecting the country's bird population. 

  While there might be an increasing appreciation in the world for Soviet modernist architecture and some surviving prominent examples in Armenia, the first indepth, multidisciplinary publication on Soviet Armenian modernism is about the city of Metsamor. A conversation with visual artist Katharina Roters and architect Sarhat Petrosyan about what makes Metsamor distinctive not only in Armenia but also in the world.  

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Introspective Armenia: Portraits of Memory

Dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of the Karabakh Movement

The 1988 Karabakh Movement brought about a period of intense and sweeping changes and the people of Armenia were leading the charge. Thirty years later, a new movement swept across Armenia - the Velvet Revolution. These are the memories and voices of the independence generation.

Ինտրոսպեկտիվ Հայաստան. Հիշողության դիմանկարներ

Նվիրվում է Ղարաբաղյան շարժման 30-ամյակին

1988-ին սկասած Ղարաբաղյան Շարժումը ինտենսիվ և վիթխարի փոփոխությունների ժամանակաշրջան էր, որն առաջնորդում էր հայ ժողովուրդը: 30 տարի անց, մի նոր շարժում ծավալվեց Հայաստանով մեկ ՝ թավշյա հեղափոխությունը: Ներկայացնում ենք անկախության սերնդի հիշողություններն ու մտորումները: 

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