Yearning for Sovereignty: The Burden of Independence

On this day of independence, the Armenian people celebrate their defiance of history and injustice. Every September 21, Armenians celebrate their will-to-power, their indestructible will to Struggle.

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The Art of Vanadzor, Armenia’s Erstwhile Industrial City

Vanadzor’s Hovhannes Abelyan Theater, built in the early 20th century, is just a few meters away from the Fine Arts Museum. Both buildings hold the memories and feelings of Armenia’s third largest city.


New National Security Strategy Takes Holistic Approach But Needs Streamlining

Armenia’s new National Security Strategy has adopted a holistic approach to security as traditionally perceived by many in the country, but the structure of the document could be streamlined further.


When Civilian Populations Come Under Fire

When the situation on the Armenia-Azerbaijan state border escalated on July 12, 2020, Armenian civilian settlements came under fire for days, a violation of international humanitarian law.

Not a True Story But a Real Story

The Peephole

A peephole view into the kaleidoscopic distortions of other people’s lives where human interaction is set in ways foreign to you and distant from you yet in your city where the “hero” is your friend. A true, but not a real story from the ninth floor, in building 9a, in the Ninth District, the door without the peephole.


This is neither a true story nor a real story. But it could be either if fate ever stepped in to deliver a surprising lesson on toxic masculinity.


"Not a True Story But a Real Story" series is a reflection on individual transformations of collective identity and the concept of home. Armen of Armenia (Ohanyan) ponders why “housecat-like Armenians” didn’t just sit tight within their four walls when they could have become “heroes” by simply staying home.

The Quilted Refuge

A story weaving together the fragments of a woman’s life who organized the chaos of reality into a sensible and livable realm offhandedly called “home” but no one recognized it until she was gone.

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