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COVID-19 Daily Briefing (April 9)

The number of COVID-19 cases rises to 921 in Armenia; Artsakh registers two more cases; government rolls out a number of assistance programs; Armenians in Turkey to be brought to Armenia through Georgia and much more.

personal essay

I Was Making Fun of COVID-19

In this personal essay, freelance journalist Alexander Damiano Ricci writes about the psychological stages of the lockdown in Italy and how this crisis is raising many questions about ourselves and our societies.


Coordinated Global Effort for Effective COVID-19 Vaccine

In this Q&A with EVN Report, epidemiologist and expert in vaccine development Seth Berkley talks about efforts to find an effective vaccine and a global mechanism to make sure it is available to those who need it.


Choosing Contentment

This is a story about the beautiful complexity and strength of mothers, especially those raising a child with a disability.

Reader's Forum 

Welcome to EVN Report's Readers' Forum. This section is meant to create a space and platform for readers to be co-creators of engaged, credible journalism, to have a voice in driving policy development and to collaborate in bringing about a more informed public discourse. We want you, our reader, to be part of the conversation and that is why we are inviting you to read our White Papers, leave a comment, ask a question, make a recommendation and be part of the conversation.

children with disability

Primer: Retraining Healthcare Professionals

When parents have a child born with a disability, it is usually healthcare professionals who often apply social pressure on them to reject their baby. This is a primer of EVN Report’s White Paper, “Retraining Healthcare Professionals: The Practice of Placing Children with Disabilities in Institutions in Armenia.”


Changing the Paradigm in Armenia-Diaspora Relations

How should Armenia-Diaspora relations develop moving forward? This new White Paper argues that relations must be defined through state-centered institutions and transnational governance.

electoral code

Primer: Reforming Regional Representation in Armenia’s Parliamentary Elections

A summary of an analysis assessing the performance of Armenia’s current electoral system, focusing on regional representation and discussing the unsuccessful proposal to abandon district-based open lists in 2018 and introducing a new compromise.


Breaking With the Past: A Documentary on Transitional Justice

Transitional Justice is a special form of justice, applied temporarily in countries where there have been massive abuses of human rights, usurption of power or genocide. It can also applied in countries like Armenia, where important political and social transition has taken place, where at the same time, there needs to be a break with the past.

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