Dignity, Human Rights and the Politician

How we treat the most vulnerable in our society is a reflection of ourselves. December 10 is Human Rights Day – the day the UN General Assembly, in 1948, adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In this essay, Maria Titizian writes about dignity and how certain politicians view the condition of Armenia's poverty-stricken.

women in history

From the Forgotten Pages of History: Countess Mariam Tumanyan

Mariam Tumanyan was a member of Tbilisi’s Armenian elite at the end of the 19th and turn of the 20th centuries. Her patronage of Armenian intellectuals and then her care of orphans from the Armenian Genocide have largely been forgotten. Here are some excerpts from her memoirs.

natural resources

Trying to Fill a Bottomless Well: Depletion of Water Resources in the Ararat Valley

Fish farms that showed up in the Ararat Valley in the early 2000s, as part of a development and poverty reduction program, have devastated the valley and Armenia’s second largest water basin. Now the state is trying to salvage the main hub of Armenia's agriculture and the strategically important water basin from desertification; trying to refill a bottomless well drop by drop.

human rights

The Cost of Justice: ECtHR and Cases Against Armenia

Since joining the Council of Europe and ratifying the European Convention on Human Rights, Armenia’s government has been obligated to pay over 900,000 Euros as compensation to Armenian nationals.

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  This week in Armenia: Parliament approves the State Budget for 2018, the Domestic Violence bill gets ratified with concessions to please all parties and official comments on inflation and poverty in Armenia give way to a wave of criticism.  More on these and other stories in The Week in Review.   

  In this EVN Podcast, Raffi Meneshian interviews poet, musician, and academic, Arto Vaun about his unusual path from Boston to L.A., Scotland to Berlin, Beirut to Yerevan, and the complexities, beauty, and questions of being transnational in the 21st century. Vaun is a member of the EVN Report editorial board.

  In this podcast, well-known philosopher and literary critic Marc Nichanian shares his views on Western Armenian literature, the Catastrophe (Genocide), and the present Armenian reality. 

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