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Development of Science or Social Justice? The Student Protests and What is at Stake

There are protests on the streets of Yerevan again. This time it is a student protest against a controversial bill on mandatory military service. One of the most powerful student protest movements in Armenia was in 2004 and ironically, some participants of these earlier protests are today themselves pushing for the abolishment of draft deferment for university students from ARP ranks.


Who Comes to Armenia and Why

EVN Report's contributor Kristen Anais Bayrakdarian, takes an exhaustive look at the travel and tourism sector in Armenia, including the need for investments in environmental sustainability and developing tourism infrastructure.


The Women of PicsArt

Women are entering the technology sector in Armenia in growing numbers. Most argue that entry barriers are almost non-existent and today there are equal opportunities for men and women to make their mark in the fast-paced and fast-growing industry. EVN Report profiles the women of PicsArt, who are helping the company expand its reach in leadership positions.


Opening of the Akhalkalak-Kars Railway: What to do Now?

Last week, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway better known as the Akhalkalak-Kars Railway, became operational. The Akhalkalak Terminal, is only 30 kilometers from Armenia’s border. What does this mean for Armenia and for the Armenians of Javakhk? Vahram Ter Matevosyan takes a closer look at the implications and prospects for Armenia.

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A roundup of recent developments in Armenia including an upcoming student-state roundtable discussion of Armenia’s new military bill and next week's Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels, where Armenia will be signing the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement with the EU.   

Members of the EVN Report editorial team sit down to discuss two of the most recent developments in Armenia - GMOs and the state of agriculture in Armenia, student protests and the new military law.  

UPDATED-The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defense and Security, after failing to secure a quorum earlier in the evening held a late night emergency session and approved the draft law on the military. It will now be sent to the National Assembly for a final vote.   For the past four days, university students in Armenia have been protesting a new bill that will shift arrangements for mandatory military deferment. EVN Report's Roubina Margossian spoke with Davit Petrosyan, one of the student organizers, during the rally on November 10 in front of the country's National Assembly.   

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