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The Imperative for Structural Reforms in Higher Education: The Case of Gyumri

Last week, Gyumri was in the national spotlight because of strikes and student demonstrations. At the heart of the matter was the Shirak State University, the rector and the merging of politics and education.

personal journey

Heart First

In this poignant essay, Lalai Manjikian writes about the frantic rhythm of managing a career and motherhood. The transition to motherhood, she writes, is not necessarily easy and nor is it the aestheticized perfect pastel images on social media. It is messy, painful, and exhausting, yet, interspersed with pockets of unimaginable heart-expanding joy.

contemporary literature

An Agent of Undiscovered Literature

While contemporary Armenian writers are searching for a new language of expression, Arevik Ashkharoyan, a literary agent, has taken on the task of bringing their voices to a global audience. In this first essay for EVN Report, Ashkharoyan writes about the challenges of representing a book that many believe is about the army but in fact is a metaphor for a repressed society.

Armenia's delegates to EU

Putting an End to Proxy Wars

For years, Armenia and Azerbaijan have hijacked debates in the Council of Europe, while their European colleagues roll their eyes and get on with business. Benedikt van den Boom, a political analyst, makes the case for a constructive Armenian strategy at the Council of Europe, which opens the way for achieving Armenia’s political objectives.

EVN: A space for critical discourse and new narratives. 

In this podcast, Maria Titizian sits down with the founder and president of the Arpa Institute, Hagop Panossian. The Institute is celebrating its 25th year of operations, which includes promoting international cooperation through the provision of consulting, analysis, and research in education, economics, policy health and technology between Armenia and the Diaspora. 

In today’s news, the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed to intensify the negotiation process and take additional steps to reduce tensions on the Line of Contact. Over the past week, Armenia decided to borrow $100 million from Russia, discussed adjusting its judiciary system and Yerevan celebrated 2799 years of continuous inhabitation. The details in our audio news segment. 

As Armenia discusses a draft law on “Prevention of and the Struggle against Domestic Violence,” EVN Report spoke with Lara Aharonian, co-director of the Women’s Resource Center, about the benefits and the founded and unfounded concerns regarding the draft.   

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